Nathan Gellar

The Story of Nathan Gellar

On a cold, autumn eve, as the moonlight was filtered through thin strands of wispy cloudcover, a woman grasped desperately at her bedsheets and cried out in agony. Her husband paced in the familiar disquiet of a nervous, expectant father. Had the angel spoken true? Would they be blessed this night, at last, with a child of their own? Or would they once again be cursed to face further years in slow, lonely silence?

When the angel appeared before them in the heart of the previous winter, his voice commanded both respect and belief. Simon and Lisette had tried so hard, so many times, to begin their family. They started young, but many seasons came and went, and many deathly screams echoed forth from their bedchamber, both in the throes of conception’s bliss and in the ravages of childbirth. This time, the angel said, it would be different. This time, the child would be special. This time, their son would have an angel watching over him, guiding him true from the womb to the cold outside world, and protecting him from the wolves and dark beasts of the world.

It felt almost too good to be true, but as he heard the desperate, first cries of his son as he came into the world at last, Simon Gellar breathed deeply the sweet air of fatherhood, at long last. He pushed into the room and found his lovely Lisette abed, holding her newborn son in a swaddle of linen as Cole Foster, the farmhand, dealt deftly with the umbilical cord. Foster had helped many a calf and lamb into the world, but this was the first time he had delivered a human life. He was stunned, shaken, and sobbing with joy. He told Simon, as they joyously embraced, that he felt a stern hand and heard a comforting voice guiding him through the delivery, steadying both hand and wit. Simon and Lisette looked into one another’s eyes and knew, at once, that the angel spoke true. They were finally and truly blessed.

That night, as mother, father, and child slept away the cool dark hours, a piercing light bathed the bedchamber and roused Lisette from her sleep. She opened her eyes, straining to see the bright thing in her room, and then the shape of the angel formed in her field of vision. He was standing, arms folded, over the humble crib alongside the bed. The crib had been built over a decade ago, during their first, fruitless efforts to create a new life. Nathan may have been their first son, but Lisette would always think on him as her lucky number seven.

The angel had never smiled, nor offered more words than were needed to convey his message. He did not look to Lisette when he spoke, but his words were meant for her. He bade her to keep Nathan warm, fed, and happy, as those were the things his guardian angel could never provide so well as his mother. He promised to look over his health and safety, and that given time, her son would grow to become a great and noble hero of all Wyrmshadow. Lisette cared little for the angel’s promises of future glories. She only wished for a child, and now, her wishes had come true.


Nathan Gellar

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