The fallen archangel, Belthazar, became fascinated with the arcane science of Runometry. He witnessed a Runometrist who was actually able to imbue a magical spell, normally a temporary and tangential thing at best, into a permanent, living entity. This Runometrist did this as a parlor trick for a few scant coins or a place to sleep, not realizing what devastating potential he possessed.

Belthazar knew at once that this man would serve his purposes well, so he asked the man to give life to a Polymorph spell. The wild and unpredictable nature of a Polymorph spell led to a backlash of magical energy that destroyed the Runometrist that cast the spell, but the result of that horrific accident was a permanent, Living Polymorph, a spell with a soul that could take the form of anyone or anything it desired.

Never giving this creature a name of its own, Belthazar made clear his role as the creator, and master, of this Nameless living magical spell. Nameless would serve as the perfect spy, able to fool even the judgmental eyes of a Diocene Knight, undetectable even through Trueseeing spells, not even giving off a magical aura unless he chose to do so as a part of his chosen guise. Nameless could speak any language, in any voice, taking the form of creatures thrice his size or thrice as small as he was. He could mimic the abilities and powers of those he chose to impersonate, and not even the closest of friends would be any the wiser…

Alen Wilder

Alen is the form the Nameless took when it became clear to Belthazar that his chosen champion, Nathan Gellar, needed companionship and personal protection that his ‘parents’ could not provide on their own. Alen came to Nathan when both children were six years old, and he has been at Nathan’s side ever since. Alen is a human, thinner and lankier than Nathan, and never quite as good as his adoptive brother in any measurable way, but that is on purpose as well. Belthazar does not want Nathan to dissolve into pointless competition with his ‘brother.’ Alen’s task was to keep Nathan safe and in good spirits, as well as to spy on him and destroy any obstacles in Nathan’s path to glory and greatness.

In the guise of Alen, the Nameless faithfully serves as Belthazar’s agent. However, for the first time in his long life, the Nameless finds his loyalties torn. He has truly grown attached to Nathan, unlike all others that Belthazar had assigned him to follow and report on. If he had to choose between his duty to Belthazar and his loyalty to Nathan, the Nameless is unsure what he would do. He hopes internally to never be forced to make such a choice.

Rivenn Cates

A Hafhie (Halfling) rogue that serves as the personal attache to Graham Cray. Rivenn is a skilled thief and killer, but he also has great diplomatic abilities, and he is often sent into situations ahead of his employer to gauge the atmosphere and declare Cray’s arrival. In truth, the Nameless plays the roles of both Rivenn Cates and Graham Cray. There was a real Rivenn in the past, but a foible led the Nameless to silently assassinate his Hafhie follower and install himself as the replacement. Belthazar is unaware of the change, still believing that Rivenn is a real Hafhie and not a guise of the Nameless.

Graham Cray

The Crays are a long line of wealthy, aristocratic men who started an offshore enterprise called the Cray Trading Company. Graham is the youngest of the Cray family, and the current owner and proprietor of the Graham Cray Trading Company. He is a man who enjoys the finer things in life, including expensive clothes and jewelry, fine wines and exotic foods. He demands respect from all who would do business with his company, which makes him one of the most important and influential men in all of Wyrmshadow.

Noblemen and even kings show him respect and admiration, and when he comes to call on people, regardless of their station in life, they revere and respect the power he possesses. Much of the wealth in Wyrmshadow is funneled through Cray’s offshore banks, and he holds blackmail evidence against some of the most prominent government and royal figures in Wyrmshadow to keep them in line, and the economy of Wyrmshadow thriving. It is due to his successes that a great many famines were averted, as he forced a few hands to sign away fortunes to feed the starving, making him a bit of a folk hero as well.

He is not a citizen of any established nation, but he has leave to travel and make residence wherever he pleases, and he takes ample advantage of those luxuries. He keeps homes both lavish and humble in every major city in the world, and in a few remote places as well. His company employs hundreds, if not thousands, of people, including sailors, soldiers, merchants, farmers, priests, and magicians.

Graham and all of his descendants were personalities of the Nameless, who passed on his company from one generation to the next. When Nathan Gellar comes of age and seeks to take the power that Belthazar declares him destined to hold, Cray’s fortunes and men will be at Nathan’s beck and call. Over a century of intense planning and plotting went into the Cray Trading Company, and in the end, it was all for Nathan’s eventual rise to power.


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